Day 11 – 12/22/2017

15% Off All Euphoria Subwoofers

The Euphoria EW9 is DB Drive’s flagship subwoofer. Exclusively designed for the traditional audio purest that likes to live life on the edge. Focused on accurate musical reproduction with the ability to perform at any volume level at the twist of Knob, the EW9 subwoofers are true example DB Drives passion for performance. The EW9’s Highly engineered Elliptical wave cone handles extreme excursion without compromising sound quality. Radial air ventilation though out the entire motor structure provides maximum heat exchange. A progressive dampener matched to a massive 3 inch voice coil keeps the bass loud and clear. Euphoria EW9 is setting the standard for all other woofers.

Installation is available for an additional fee. While supplies last!


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