Day 8 – 12/19/2017

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DC Offset Protection
This circuit protects the output of the amplifier against DC voltage . If for some reason DC
voltage is detected at the output stage, the amplifier will shut down protecting the speakers
from direct current.

Short Circuit Protection
The circuit protects the amplifier from damage due to a short found in the speakers or
wiring . If one of the speakers or its wiring comes in contact with ground, the amplifier will
shut down. To resume normal operation , correct the problem and turn the head unit off, then
back on. The amplifier will reset and play again .

Thermal Protection
To protect the amplifier circuitry against damage caused by prolonged exposure to high
temperatures, a thermal protection circuit is activated if the amplifier reaches excessively
high operating temperature. Once the thermal circuit is activated , the amplifier will shut
down to cool off. The amplifier will automatically turn back on once it cools down to a safe
operating temperature.

Power Indicator
The diagnostic L.E.D. illuminates when the amplifier is on and receiving power.

Conformal Coating
The internal components of APM amplfiers have been coated with a marine grade
protective coating that shield them from the elements. This asures optimal performance
in even the most rigourous enviroments. Although the amplifier is protected agaist the
elements , it does not make the amplfier 100% water resistant. Special care must be
taken when chosing a mounting location to asure that it does not end sumerged under

Power and Speaker Distribution Blocks
Heavy gauge bare wire distribution blocks are provided for maximum power and signal
transfer with minimal resistance.

Bass Boost
For added low frequency performance the amplifiers are equipped with a variable 0dB-12dB
bass boost @ 45Hz

Line out
Full range line outputs have been provided for convenient connection to additional amplifiers
in the system . The outputs are buffered to reduce signal loss. Please note that the
amplifier ‘s input level adjusts these level outputs.
Power Fusing
Due to the smaller foot print of the amplifier, external fusing is required.

Remote Turn-on
Automatically turns amplifier on when connected to the head unit’s remote output. The
amplifier will turn on and off with the head unit to save current consumption . This control
also operates the reset circuit for the amplifier ‘s protection . It must be connected with the
head unit in order to reset protection circuits.
Adjustable Input Sensitivity
Allows you to fine-tune the level matching between your source and the power amplifier.

Variable Crossover
The “APM Marine” amplifiers include built-in variable crossovers. The APM 250.4D offers
an independent 12dB per octave High Pass and Low Pass X-Over on channels 1&2 and
a Selectable 12dB or 24dB per octave X-over on channels 3&4. The APM 300.2 offers a
12dB per octave slope when set to either Low or high pass settings.

Low Impedance Stability
APM 250.4D – 2 Ohm Stereo (4 Channel)
APM 300.2D- 2 Ohm Stereo ( 2 Channel)

Installation is available for an additional fee. While supplies last!


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