DB Drive Euphoria Authorized Dealer

Sturgess Customs is an Authorized Dealer of DB Drive and the Exclusive Dealer of the DB Drive Euphoria line in The Greater Columbia Area. You can check out the full line of the New DB Drive Euphoria products on the Euphoria Website.

DB Drive Euphoria Line Products

About DB Drive Euphoria

Fidelity. Accuracy. Purity.
For far too long mass manufacturers of speakers and components have been unfaithful to the quality of audio that you demand. Slowly shifting quality downward– in a way that not many but you notice. We’re here to change that. And we’re doing it in a way that often costs less than our corporate competitors.The Return to Sound
That’s right. You’re going to get your sound back. And jaws are going to drop when your friends finally hear what real fidelity sounds like.DB Drive is your connection to purest sound, whatever your beat happens to be. And the world is starting to hear us. For our commitment to sound and attention to the smallest details, we’re winning first place trophies and breaking world records at some of the hottest jams and custom car shows.That’s the kind of sound your ride demands.
Inside the Sound Lab
In return for your support of our faithful audio, db Drive will be faithful to you. Our Technical Support Team field tests all out our products, tweaks what’s necessary, and gets your feedback for our next product roll-outs. You’re going to be nothing but happy with how your db Drive components come togetherSize Matters
We resist the temptation to get bigger, in spite of our demand, in order to keep our focus on pure audio. We’re big enough for same day shipping and quick turn around at your favorite dealer, but small enough to make sure our quality and customer assistance never suffers.