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Upgrading your Audio System


Upgrading your vehicle’s sound system is one of the most important upgrades that a driver can do. Getting better sound can make the driving experience much more enjoyable. While some people find it easier to replace and install the entire system at once, others find it convenient to upgrade their audio system a little bit at a time. We offer one of the largest selections of car audio components and some of the best customer service in the industry. The following are some of the popular ways to upgrade your factory sound.

In-Dash Head Units / Digital Media Receivers Installation
HD Radio Installation
Satellite Radio Installation
Amplifier Installation
Speaker and Subwoofer Installation
Custom and Prefab Subwoofer Enclosures
Car Audio Accessories Installation

Custom Car Stereo Installation

Custom Car Stereo InstallationAt  Sturgess Customs we offer the best in custom car stereo installation with the latest technology from the most trusted brands in the market including Kenwood. Whether you are looking to upgrade your stereo and get Bluetooth, or looking for killer sound in your car, we offer quality installation and products in Speakers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, and Receivers.

At Sturgess Customs we understanding how important the proper installation of a quality custom car stereo system is.  We will take the time to consult with you and build a plan for your dream custom installation. Every consideration will be made to make sure that the correct components are chosen for your vehicle to achieve the best sound available.  We also will help you work within your budget to make your dream come true.  A consultation with an installation expert will establish exactly what you want to achieve and how best to get the results you want. They will show you photos of ideas that worked well for other customers. Whether you drive in with a sedan, a project car or a super-size SUV, our professional installers have seen them all and worked with them all. The install team has decades of experience plus the tools and support to get the very best out of the components you choose. We offer the best prices in town, every time, when you buy your product here and have our team complete the installation.


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How Can I Get Best Sound in My Vehicle?

First, you might consider replacing your factory speakers with quality aftermarket speakers. If your speakers are sub-par — and most factory speakers are — then your sound will suffer, regardless of what’s powering them. Second, a new receiver or amplifier provides better power for your speakers, giving you an immediate boost in sound quality by helping the speakers deliver more accurate sound. Adding a subwoofer brings in the audio frequencies that smaller speakers just can’t reproduce.

Stereo Upgrade

The stereo is the central unit of an audio system. This central source unit often includes the CD player, AM/FM tuner, sound equalizer, and preamp outputs. Many of the newer head units have auxiliary inputs, USB ports, and detachable faceplates. Higher end units have advanced expandability features such as built-in Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, iPod control, DVD playback, Satellite radio, and more.

New Speakers

In order to fully improve the sound inside a vehicle, the speakers must be upgraded. Aftermarket speakers offer more detailed sound, distinct clarity, a rich feel, and a sound that factory speakers are unable to produce. By installing a new pair of speakers, the car’s audio system will instantly sound better. It is very important to find speakers that fit the car they are being installed into.

Add a Subwoofer

Traditionally, factory stereo systems have relatively weak bass response. The solution to this is to add an aftermarket subwoofer and hear the music come to life. It is important to find the right subwoofer for your vehicle, as well as the correct box. Both the size of the sub and the enclosure that it is in will change the sound of the subwoofer. We offer each of these audio components separately and as combo packages. Once a subwoofer is loaded into a box, it will require a car amplifier to properly power it.

Add an Amplifier

Increasing the signal wattage from the stereo is the purpose of an amplifier. The audio amplifier receives the audio signal from the receiver and amplifies it to a wattage that is appropriate for the speakers or subwoofer. It is important to match the RMS output wattage of the amplifier with the rated RMS power of the speakers and subwoofers.

Additional Accessories

There are many more upgrades that can be made to a car audio system. Some of these upgrades include factory OEM integration, sound processors, Bluetooth hands-free kits, HD Radio, SIRIUS/XM Satellite radio, Multi-disc CD changers, and other system tuning tools. Some of the more popular OEM system integration interfaces will allow an iPod to be played and controlled from the factory car stereo.